The Benefits of CBD for Cats

Cats are intelligent and sensitive animals. It can be challenging to figure out if your cat is in pain since they have a high pain tolerance. When your cat is experiencing anxiety due to a physical ailment, it may suppress its anxiousness. However, there are some signs to show that your cat is distressed such as poor appetite and moodiness. If you are convinced that your cat is sick, you might want to put the animal on cannabidiol (CBD).
Even if your kitty seems perfectly healthy, administering a regular dose of CBD is recommended to prevent various ailments.

CBD is a chemical extract from the cannabis or industrial hemp plant. Most of the CBD products available on the market are made with hemp extract. As a result, they are non-psychoactive and not addictive. CBD has been proven to be beneficial for both human and animals.

Below are some of the health benefits of CBD for your cat:

Prevents Diabetes

If your cat is fat, it is susceptible to hypertension and diabetes. When a cat has diabetes, this will result in damaged nerves, poor eyesight, and unbalanced glucose levels. CBD can prevent diabetes in cats since it influences the animal’s metabolic processes. It helps your cat stay physically active, and maintain a healthy weight.

Pain Management

If your cat is suffering from nerve and muscle-related injuries, then you can conveniently administer CBD to relieve the pain. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces swelling. CBD targets the pain receptors in the body and blocks them from functioning. When the pain receptor is blocked, it ceases to send sensations of pain to the brain.

Treat Digestive Distress

If your cat is vomiting frequently, administering CBD can help reduce nausea and vomiting. CBD heightens the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, which controlling nausea and vomiting, and helps to maintain homeostasis. Sometimes, nausea and vomiting in cats may indicate digestive problems, parasites or possibly cancer. Therefore, you may also need to take your cat to the veterinary.

Other Ailments

CBD can be efficiently used to prevent many ailments in cats. This includes digestive disorders, joint and muscle pains, bone degeneration, feline immunodeficiency virus, parasite and worm infection, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer.

The recommended CBD dosage for animals is 2 milligrams per kilogram. All you have to do is to weigh your cat to determine how much CBD to administer. For asthma, arthritis, digestive problems, and pain management, it is best to administer CBD oil to your cat twice a day. Please take note that this is not a medical prescription. Also, it might take a few days or weeks for the positive effects of CBD to manifest in your cat.

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